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The Gycor Advantage

A Better System for Better Results

A shortening management program is only effective as long as shortening filtration is ensured daily with a quality filter powder. Inevitably, there will be occasions when filter powder is not added or filtering is missed. The Gycor Filter Powder Pad solves this problem.

The perception by many restaurants is that the shortening is still good simply because the color is acceptable. This can affect the fried products. Adding back fresh shortening does not necessarily equate to cleaner shortening. The key is to chemically remove oxidized (polar matter) breakdown matter from the shortening. The removal of oxidized matter means more efficient heat transfer through the shortening and therefore more uniform and quicker heat transfer at the surface of the fried food.

Gycor’s Filter Powder Pad is designed to maximize removal of oxidized matter while allowing the “good” shortening to pass through. The effective removal of oxidized matter means a “more consistent best quality fried food” – less greasy, better tasting, and more uniform desired food color.

The Gycor Advantage