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FRI-MOR™ Filtration Powder:
The Absorbent Advantage

Effectiveness on used frying shortening/oil:

  • Reduces FFA (free fatty acids) up to 0.6%

    The reduction in FFA varies depending on the type and condition of the shortening/oil

  • Removes off-odor and off-flavor compounds which develop during the frying process

    The off-odors and off-flavors in fired foods are a result of volatile and non-volatile chemical compounds which develop in the shortening/oil when high frying temperatures combine with oxidation and moisture released from the food.

  • Removes polymerized and alkaline (surfactant-like) matter

    If the polymerized and alkaline matter are not filtered out, the heat transfer between the food and shortening/oil is greatly reduced which results in greasy food with poor quality food texture.

  • Extends the shelf life of packaged fried foods by removing the complex oxidized compounds in the shortening/oil

    The oxidized compounds in the shortening/oil cause the food to develop off-quality odors and flavors during storage which greatly reduces the shelf life of packaged snack foods and pre-fried prepared foods.

  • Extends shortening/oil frylife by reducing/removing free fatty acids along with oxidized, alkaline, and polymerized compounds which cause the shortening/oil to smoke and foam