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Gycor’s one-step Filter Powder Pad™

The simplest way to get the most quality frylife from your shortening, including the New Zero Trans Fat shortenings.

  • Saves money. Longer oil life. Less oil absorbed into food.
  • No loose powder. FRI-MOR™ filter powder is impregnated into pad.
  • One-step process. Just place a fresh pad in filter machine each day.
  • Compact 30-day packaging. Easy to store and easy to monitor frequency of shortening filtration.
Filter Powder Pad

Gycor’s Filter Powder Pad’s Role in Maximizing Oil Frylife and Quality

Gycor’s Filter Powder Pads are designed to be effective filtration tools against the enemies of shortening regardless of the type. By having the powder built into the pad, restaurants are ensuring the oil is treated every filtration with powder to counteract the destructive chemical reactions that take place in oil.

In addition, because the Filter Powder Pads have powder in them, the filter cake (layer of filter powder which actually does the filtering) is already set. This means less time to circulate the oil and build the filter cake, which in turn means less aeration of the oil. In addition, the pads are designed to maximize the removal of oxidized matter in the oil.

Gycor’s Filter Powder PadTM eliminates the hassle and inconsistency of shortening filtration

Simplifies the Entire Shortening Filtration Process

  • Eliminates the need for loose powder. The powder is impregnated into the pad.
  • Reduces cleanup time. Eliminates the mess of sprinkling filter powder into the filter machine or the vat.
  • Makes waste disposal easy. You just toss out the used pad and replace with a fresh one each day.
  • Comes in sizes and shapes to fit any machine. No retrofitting or special screens required.
  • Saves valuable storage space. Pads eliminate the need to store both loose powder and filter paper.