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About Us

We offer you the best technological resources in the business

Our staff includes top-rated engineers, food technologists, customer service experts and procedural analysts. They have the experience, technological know-how and innovative thinking to develop the ideal solution to your problem.
Included among our staff of technical and procedural experts is one of the nation’s most highly regarded oil chemists with broad-based, quick-service food chain experience. With these resources, we can develop the most advanced solutions to your problems.

We take an inventive approach to problem-solving

We have applied for over a dozen patents in the process of creating innovative products and procedures for our customers. For example, we have several patents issued and pending for GYCOR Filtering Product formulations, used by major quick-service food chains to extend shortening life.

GYCOR solutions assure optimum performance

An important part of our service includes designing and performing appropriate laboratory tests to determine the merit of our new products. Since laboratory tests are conducted in controlled environments, our staff will assist in performing field tests pertaining to your particular operation. Our job is not done until we’ve proven that we’ve provided you with the very best solution in terms of cost and efficiency.

We have a solid record of success

GYCOR’s business history reflects a long list of successful solutions to customer’s shortening filtration problems. A partial list includes:

  • Saving the nation’s leading quick-service chains millions of dollars annually in shortening costs
  • Increasing a quick-service customer’s oil filtering compliance and efficiency 110% by designing a product which simplifies the shortening filtration process
  • Reducing labor and increasing safety in countless restaurants by simplifying operational procedures

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